Sarah Wehrlin is a communication designer based in Kiel Germany, currently studying for her master degree at Muthesius University of Fine Arts, with a main focus on interactive information design.

She's in love with typography, print media
and things in motion.

I started studying at Hochschule für Gestaltung in Schwäbisch Gmünd Germany in 2013. Communication design, with a main focus on infographics, typography and editorial design, teached me how to arrange things in a 2D way. During my internship at Jung van Matt Spree in Berlin, I learned to create conceptes that are more than just ideas. With this knowledge I decided to develope my skills in a more interactive direction. And used this for my bachelor thesis in 2018.
During my exchange semester at University of applied sciences in Lahti - Finland, I explored my skills in typography and learnd a lot about working in a team with different people. I discovered that I need something more then the world of 2D can offer me. Through interaction design there are a lot more options to play around with. So I decided to do my masters at Muthesius University of fine arts with a main focus on interactive information design.
My main aim is to create meaningful design. Beside design I am really interested in biology. I spend my time with travelling to places I haven't heard of before and reading books that I am not able to stop reading.
Always happy for new collaborations.
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