Master thesis
The project “Explorer“ is a design concept for cross-media news reporting. Recurring, current and relevant topics are dealt with in an interactive way and communicated through digital storytelling. As its subject this project uses forest fires, yet this concept can be applied to various topics.
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Award Gesamtansicht explorer
The concept basically consists of an interactive website for laptops and smartphones. To communicate information in detail, is the top priority for the web version.
The interactive globe is the central part of the website and allows visitors to explore the overall situation individually. Backgrounds are illuminated and relationships are explained.
The smartphone shows a short and crisp overview due to the usage situation. The focus here is on tracking functions, such as location, to personalize and involve the user in the often abstract topic.
laptop desk
The aim of the work is to provide sustainable information and to explain the importance of various topics on a personal level. The project is still in progress and shows a current excerpt.
Smartphone1 smartphone2