A concept for imparting knowledge and pro­moting craft professions for students and teachers.
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Crafts are one of the most important economic sectors in Germany and offers 130 different apprenticeships. A lack of social recognition, prejudice and lack of motivation when it comes to career orientation, lead to the fact that less and less young people choose an education as craftmen.
The concept “craft.“ consists of a “craft box“ for teachers and a web page for students. The box contains prepared teaching material, such as presentations, posters, teaching suggestions and an overview guide. The concept should be applied in the new subject “Business / Studying and professional orientation”, which has been part of the education plan in Germany since 2016.
The concept shows how diverse crafts are and how much future potential they have. „Craft.“ offers a welcome alternation to classic school lessons, supports you in choosing the right profession and shows that career orientation is an important and interesting topic.
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The website works as a supplement to the ­lessons and is designed for the needs of the students. It highlights the importance of crafts through pictures, short texts, animations and interactions.
To involve students to deal with this subject during their leisure time, social media is involved and it’s possible to register to the website via Snapchat.
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