The everlasting ice
An infographic magazine about research centres settled at the South Pole. It tells stories of the great white continent and explains general information, like history and politics, as well as introducing research topics and results within the area. The magazine is based ­on scientific data of Alfred-Wegener-Institute.
Titel Antartica
Through the impression pictures and quotes, the continent gets closer and clearer to the reader. The clean design with white and grey pages structures and imitates the South Pole. In order to emphasize simplicity, we used a light cyan in text and graphic to keep it simple, but also highlight important information in a natural way, fitting to the Antarctica topic.
To show the topic’s research vividly, every re­search field is presented by one research centre. Pages with general information are white with text and graphic separated. Inside a research topic the background turns grey.
Detail Instructions
The data is visualised with illustration and photographs to keep it simple and easy to understand. Many elements are reused on other pages to develope a visual lanuage how to read the infographics.
The application for the Antarctica magazine is programmed for the tablet and can be controlled by swiping left or by tapping directly on your target. Many elements are adapted from the ma­gazine, like the navigation line, showing chapters in the app. Color and hierarchy stayed the same like in the magazine.